Out of the Depths and a “Blue Christmas”

Christmas is great for some people, and terrible for others. When some people are sending out Christmas Cards of their perfect looking families, others are pained by the recent loss of a loved one or are being reminded at their estrangement from someone. While some of us are going to parties, others are being reminded of how lonely they are. Holidays are a double edged sword.

Many religious groups hold “Blue Christmas” or “Longest Night” services to give voice to the often silent suffering people experience during the holidays. If this is a tough season of the year for you, attending one of these services (if you feel comfortable in a religious community) is a great way to be reminded that you’re not alone.

9781501871344A good resource to help you through this or any other difficult season is a book I recently co-authored with James Hightower, Out of the Depths: Your Companion Through Depression and Anxiety.

In this book we look at depression and anxiety through both a clinical and spiritual lens, and it includes thirty daily devotionals to help you connect to God during difficult times.

Whether you’re dealing with a new diagnosis yourself, know someone who is, or haven’t found spiritual support for these very real and serious conditions, this book will help you on the journey.

The book is part of a series from Abingdon Press, all called Out of the Depths, walking with people through divorce, addiction, grief, pregnancy or infant loss, sexual assault, and chronic illness. Each volume is written by people who have experienced what they’re writing about, and give you tools more useful than “just pray about it” or “it’s God’s plan”.

(Quick disclaimer- I wrote this on a contract basis and won’t see another dime no matter how much it sells.)

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