Big Changes for the Kelley Family

This announcement came out to the church today, and we’re sharing with the rest of the world

To my Christ UMC family:

This summer my family and I will be relocating to Louisville, KY. My wife, Jessica, has the opportunity to advance her career with Westminster John Knox Press, and I will be taking a sabbatical from congregational ministry to discern where God is calling us next.

While I had no desire to leave Christ UMC, we did realize that a change in the associate pastor position might be a good thing for the congregation. You all need someone who has strong gifts in evangelism, and Scott Kimball brings those gifts. My gifts lie in different areas like preaching, writing, and outreach. This church deserves the absolute best match of gifts and graces in each staff position, and you are getting that.

As many of you know, I began serving local churches when I was eighteen years old, straight out of high school. Nearly twenty years later, it’s time for a break. Over the next year I will be taking time to rest, to pray, to engage in spiritual direction, and to do some ministry outside the local church as I listen for God’s direction.

I love being a pastor, and I always will be. I am entering a season where that won’t involve regularly wearing a robe and a stole, which will take some getting used to.

Christ United Methodist Church is my home, and it always will be. You all formed me and sent me into ordained ministry, and I was blessed to spend a few years as one of your pastors. When we visit my parents in Brentwood, it will include time with our Christ UMC family.

I am so excited for your future. Adam Kelchner is a very dear friend and I know you will love one another and do great ministry together. Adam, Scott, Tom Laney, the rest of the staff, and I are all working very hard to make sure ministries like the Inviting Team and Christ’s Closet keep going smoothly through the change in leadership.

I ask for your prayers for my family during this time of transition. While we trust that this is how God is leading us, we are grieving that a wonderful season of our lives is coming to an end. We are grateful to know each of you and be part of this wonderful congregational family.

Grace and Peace,

One Reply to “Big Changes for the Kelley Family”

  1. Mathew, Jessica, and three adorable children. This Transition for all of you I trust and believe God is behind this. Mathew my cousin, my family member, my partner in crazy adventures at Mema and Papas house. My wonderful Aunt Debbie and Uncle Loyd’s first son. God is and has always been there. Jessica your wife, mother of your children, spiritual partner, and I truly believe god created both of you for each other. Change can be hard, but new adventures can open new horizons. The sun is rising for the both of you and your three amazing children. The sunset is far, far in the future. What the two of you offer individually to this world are nothing but greatness. Together you offer this world are simply two of gods greatest gifts for us to cherish, admire, and beliefs like no other. Thank you for sharing your change, and we all welcome where god is leading the Kelly Family. Love you all, Brian.

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